Investing Procedure

To start investing in general, you should do the following steps

Investment Procedure step by step

Step By Step

We show you all the steps to invest step by step. All steps from registration to creating an account are automatic and you can easily start your investment.

1. Register

With your email address, you can register on the site and enter your user dashboard (ASAP).

2. create a new account

You can create your account on our investment platform in the shortest time. By creating an account, you will enter your user dashboard and you can manage your account.

3. Charge your account

In the user dashboard you have to charge your Main Wallet. You can start investing at least 50$. After charging the system, the investment and profitability of your account will start automatically.

4. See profits in your wallet

At the end of each day, you can view your daily profit on your dashboard and enjoy the investment. Monthly earnings and account management are all at your disposal.

5. Request for withdrawal of profit

At the end of each month, the profit is transferred to your Gain Wallet according to the amount of your capital. You can easily request a withdrawal from your account or, if you wish, you can transfer the profit to your Main Wallet to increase your capital in the new month and earn more profit at the end of the month.